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13 Surprising Facts About Canada

13 Surprising Facts About Canada

Canada, frequently praised for its breathtaking scenery, welcoming people, and vibrant multiculturalism, is full of fascinating surprises. Although its maple syrup and obsession with hockey may be well known, Canada has much more to offer. This article will explore 13 fascinating facts about this enormous and varied country, revealing details that may surprise you.

13 Surprising Facts About Canada

The World’s second-largest country

With a staggering 9.98 million square kilometers of land, Canada is proud to be the second-largest nation in the World. It offers a breathtaking expanse of natural beauty as it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west.

Most extensive coastline

Canada’s extensive coastline is one of its less well-known strengths. More than any other country, it has the longest coastline in the World, extending 202,080 kilometers. This indicates many breathtaking beaches, cliffs, and coastal wonders in Canada.

An International Nation

Canada is multilingual, not just bilingual. Although the country’s official languages are English and French, more than 200 other languages are also used. This linguistic variety is a reflection of Canada’s multicultural fabric.

Penguin Capital

A small town in Manitoba named Churchill is renowned as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” Tourists swarm here yearly to see the magnificent polar bears in their natural habitat.

The Biggest Island in the World inside a lake

The largest island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island, Canada’s Manitoulin Island is remarkable for this reason. Any explorer should see this geographical oddity.

The Love of Ice Hockey in Canada

Ice hockey is very well-liked in Canada, but did you know it’s also their national winter sport? Numerous rinks can be found all over Canada, and the sport is firmly ingrained in the national identity.

A country with the Best Education

With more than 56% of its population having completed post-secondary education, Canada consistently ranks among the most educated nations in the World. It is a center for excellence in learning and innovation.

The Deepest Impact Crater in the World

The enormous Manicouagan Reservoir, located in Quebec, is a sizable impact crater from an asteroid collision over 200 million years ago. It serves as a reminder of the intriguing geological past of the planet.

The Place of Basketball’s Origin

Did you know that a Canadian invented basketball? The game was created in 1891 by Canadian physical education teacher Dr. James Naismith, and it has since gained popularity all over the World.

Canada’s Courtesy

The notion that Canadians are extraordinarily polite isn’t far off the mark. Travelers are welcome in Canada because of the people’s reputation for friendliness and courtesy.

The National Parks of Canada

Banff, Jasper, and Yoho are just a few of the breathtaking national parks that can be found in Canada. These natural wonders provide a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife.

A Successful Film Industry

The Canadian film industry is booming, and Toronto is frequently called “Hollywood North.” Several major motion pictures and television shows are filmed in different Canadian cities.

An Ideal Place for Maple Syrup

Canada is the top travel destination for maple lovers because it produces 71% of the World’s maple syrup. The production of syrup in the Canadian province of Quebec is mainly well known.


Canada is a country with astounding cultural and geographic diversity. Canada offers a world of surprises just waiting to be discovered, from its extensive coastline to its multicultural society. Therefore, remember there is more to Canada than what first meets the eye the next time you think of it.



Is Canada the World’s largest nation?

No, Canada is the World’s second-largest nation, right behind Russia.

What is the recognized winter sport in Canada?

Canada’s national winter sport is ice hockey.

Who and where made basketball?

Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian, created basketball in 1891.

Which province in Canada is known for its maple syrup?

The production of maple syrup in Quebec is well known.

What is Canada’s most unexpected fact?

A surprising and distinctive fact about Canada is that Churchill, Manitoba, is known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.”

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